Mastering Honey Harvest: Essential Tools and Tips for Beekeepers

Whether you're a novice just starting your beekeeping journey or an experienced apiarist gearing up for the honey harvest, having the right tools and knowledge is crucial for success. In this blog, we鈥檒l delve into the essential tools and techniques for an efficient honey harvest, ensuring that beekeepers of all levels can maximize their yield and minimize stress for both 鈥

Gear Up for Success: Essential Beekeeping Gear Guide

At 乱伦社区, we know that the right tools and gear are not just additions to your beekeeping practice; they are essentials that define your experience and success. As the beekeeping season picks up, it's crucial to ensure you're fully equipped with the best protective gear and tools available. This guide is here to walk you through our top-of-the-line products, designed 鈥

Bee with Varroa Mite

HBHC Among Team of Researchers Selected to Receive Grant to Support Varroa Mite Management to Improve Pollination of Specialty Crops

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has selected a project led by members of the Varroacide Resistance and Testing Team (VRTT), facilitated by the Honey Bee Health Coalition, to receive funding as part of a new initiative aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of U.S. specialty crops. The project led by the VRTT members is one of 21 projects that will receive 鈥

Complex Learned Social Behavior Discovered
in Bee鈥檚 鈥榃aggle Dance鈥

Researchers find that learning and culture are needed for one of the most intricate forms of communication known outside humans Passing down shared knowledge from one generation to the next is a hallmark of culture and allows animals to rapidly adapt to a changing environment. While widely evident in species ranging from human infants to naked mole rats or fledgling songbirds, early social 鈥

Apimondia Cancels Russia Congress

  The Executive Board of Apimondia voted unanimously this week to cancel the Apimondia聽Congress planned for September 2022 in Ufa Russia. We condemn the invasion of Ukraine by聽Russia. Please know that we heard all your voices during these trying days. We are looking forward to organising a great Apimondia Congress in Santiago Chile in 2023, when beekeepers and researchers from every nation will 鈥

2022 Package Bees Shipped Direct to Your Local Post Office

Forego the hassle of picking up your package bees, this year have your package bees shipped directly to your local post office. 乱伦社区 has the best pricing on healthy Italian honey bees! Order your package bees online or by calling our corporate office toll-free at (888) 922-1293. Our packages contain approximately three pounds of gentle, Italian honey bees and a naturally mated 鈥

Krispn Given receives Purdue鈥檚 鈥淏ehind the Research鈥 honor

Honey bee researcher and bee breeder Krispn Given was selected for the 鈥淏ehind the Research鈥 honor.聽 Each academic year, the college profiles six people whose work supports the College of Agriculture鈥檚 global reputation for developing innovative, multidisciplinary solutions to challenges and then putting those solutions into action. Krispn continues to bring to Purdue a world class reputation in innovative honey 鈥

Size Matters for Bee 鈥楽uperorganism鈥 Colonies

  Like neurological systems and human social groups, new research on bees offers clues to how biological collectives make choices under dynamic conditions Scientists have carefully studied the intricacies of how individual organisms live and act together in groups known as biological collectives. In 鈥渟uperorganisms鈥 such as bee colonies, the interactions of the individual members add up to benefit the entire colony. Details 鈥